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Aurora, Colorado Newborn Photographer | The Birth of Tiny Details

Hi all,

My name is Jennifer. I have always been thrown into photography. At a young age my father was so very proud of his film camera and really enjoyed using it. He liked to let us shoot as well. Having some familiarity I was tasked to supply our small local newspaper with high school sport photos. I later worked at best buy in the camera department. My knowledge and skills grew greatly and even taught other professionals ease of use. I then worked as an architectural photographer for building construction. And through all of these experiences, I just felt meh about photography.

In 2013 I had a beautiful, and very large, baby girl. Since I had experience with photography, I decided to take my own posed newborn photos. And I failed miserably. I remember using fabric on my floor as a backdrop with a basket. I could barely manage the ups and downs and my sweet large baby wanted to do nothing but eat. After 6 hours for three days in a row and my husband coming home to me bawling my eyes out with nearly no photos to show, I decided to hire a professional. I was so luck to have availability with a local photographer. My babe was nearly 2 months by the time she had availability and I think back now to what a big deal it was that the photographer could fit me in.

That was it. When I got her photos back, that was it. It sang to my heart. I wanted to see more photos, take photos, make props, practice, and be a newborn photographer. My heart was set on fire. I started asking any and everyone I knew to let me take photos of their babies.

It got to a point that I found myself reaching out to friends of friends and being recommended by by friends to others. The onslew of inquires lead me to opening my own studio and the birth of Tiny Details Photography.

Every day I fall in love with this photography even more. I enjoy making one of a kind props and wraps, kiting my own bump layers, planning the sets, cuddling the babies and delivering the final photos. You can see my passion in every photo.

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