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The Photographer's Newborn Session

These images are from my very own newborn session with my youngest.  These are some of my must coveted images and the ones I love to see on my walls in my home and guiltily poke through on the days I wish to remember when, which is admittedly quite often.

*image credit goes to the amazing Devin Jones with Devin Jones photography

Although Devin is no longer in business I feel fortunate to know and be lucky enough to receive her very expertise advice and kind support.

Experience Colorado Newborn Photographer

I got a hot second between snacks, playing pretend and heading to whatever after school activity we're into this season.  In this down time is when I notice the most.  My 6 year old went to bed and then woke up, bigger.  Both my girls do this way too much.  It's in these down times that I think how quickly it really does go and how I hope I remember a tenth of it.  When my oldest was born she had the sweetest little hair swoosh right in the middle of her forehead, still does. That's were I would kiss her after hours of just watching her sleep.  We made songs about that curl and would sing it to her when she became unsettled.  The quite in the house, the love that oozed out of us as new parents and the calmness in our basking, I never want to forget the way we feel about that curl or the sweetest time of our lives.  Capturing these details, even before they are a day older,  and freezing this once in a lifetime moment is my biggest dream.  Life moves so quick, I dread the day a curl in the middle of her forehead isn't cool, or when my youngest is too big of a girl to play pretend with her mom.  But I love to take these captured moments in newborn photos and feel there again.  Allow me to give this to you. so you can always have a place to remember when.

The Studio

We love when our customers enter the studio. We often hear "What a wonderful place, you have everything!" And Although we have the largest collection, including: hand made couture dresses, boutique newborn items, curated props, extravagant sets and lavish props; We are always looking to expand our collection and ensure your session is specialized just for you and your family.  Come just as you are, we have it all.

Sit, stay, relax, play, the studio is ready to host your newborn and family. When you arrive for your newborn session you'll want to get comfortable and enjoy relaxing on the fluffiest bed.  We also keep the studio pretty warm to help babe stay settled.  This happens to settle mom, dad and even siblings on occasion, who enjoy cuddling and sometimes fall asleep during the sessions. However, if your little 'move it, move it' wants play or be entertained, the studio is equipped with a 50" connected television so sibling can watch Netflix, Disney, Ms Rachel, Bluey or whatever their heart desires.  We also have a child's Kid Kraft kitchen set filled with pots, utensils, and faux food.  We find our siblings love to play pretend while we are working on capturing babe's photos.

Have extended family you would like to include in the session? We would be honored to capture this time for them as well. The studio offers extended seating and has ample space too. Invite Grandparents, they are likely to know the truth, that time passes to fast, and are hoping to freeze this time for them, because for them, their baby just had a baby and there are so many reason to remember this moment forever.

Take a peek into the studio with this black and white image taken of the props, clothing, waiting, area, and fabrics.  The fully equip studio is luxurious and offers plenty of space to feel comfortable during your session
Take a peek into the studio, these black and white images are taken from in the aurora colorado newborn studio and show the curated props, fabrics, and products.
Take a peek into the studio, these black and white images are taken from in the aurora colorado newborn studio and show the curated props, fabrics, and products.
Take a peek into the studio, these black and white images are taken from in the aurora colorado newborn studio and show the curated props, fabrics, and products.
Take a peek into the studio, these black and white images are taken from in the aurora colorado newborn studio and show the curated props, fabrics, and products.


This is it.  The art that fuels every inch of my body.  The job that has me never working a day.  It makes my elder millennial heart so full that I get to help others in such a way that touches people for life.  Every image is just a important to me as it is to you.  I fantasize of the day that the images we capture together are printed on icing for their graduation cake, or shared with hundreds on a big screen at a fancy wedding, and even when grandma becomes great-grandma and hangs her new grandbaby's art near so all can see the resemblance and the whole family can bask in the forever cuteness.

My style is considered timeless, moody, and true to life. We will plan your session carefully considering colors and themes so that your gallery is cohesive, making it easy to choose wall art that flows beautifully together.  Our printers are AMAZING and the quality is unmatched.  When you purchase art from Tiny Details Photography we plan the proposed location and ideal image in advance to ensure your vision is met. So rest at ease, whether you want to plan out the details to meet your creative goals or you are just looking for pictures of babe, we are certain to capture images that will stand the test of time and have everyone swooning. 


Please, hear me out, you wont regret them.  I know, you feel totally different and maybe not feeling like yourself has got you thinking 'I don't need pictures of me, I'll wait for when baby arrives'  and I totally get, and honor that. Truthfully, that was me too.  You know I am gonna admit it though, I wished I had.  The only images I have of my belly were taken standing in front of an open shower door in a dirty bathroom with the my phone camera in selfie mode.  Sure I treasure it, but I wish someone could have given me what I offer to you.  If there's even a small part of you that understands that nothing will be the same from here forward, and documenting this beautiful stage in your life could be so rewarding, I say, nay, I scream, do it! Our maternity sessions are similar quality to what you would expect from an airbrushed magazine cover and every dress we collect is curated to help you feel like the life giving goddess you are.  These sessions are typically taken between 30-34 weeks and are a great way to start your photography journey with Tiny Details photography.  Say yes, and decades from now when your littles are having littles you can show them the fierce, brave and beautiful mama you have always been. 

Be the beautiful mama and allow us to capture it.  This collage shows several maternity images from a recent studio session.  The images include a beautiful new mama wearing luxury dresses and being pampered with love from daddy

Milestone / Cake Smash

Your home and heart are so full.  Those new babes make the sweetest faces. It is so fun to document the day to day life and record their first lemon tasting, or first time in a swing, but let me be the one to give you the heirloom images.  The images that capture littles and their entire personality in a high quality photo that will stand the test of time beyond phones and grainy video. This time is all to special and should be savored as much.  Let us capture the chunk, the squish, the wobble, and the smile. 

These sought after milestone sessions are exclusively available to Tiny Details clients. All the frills and fuss without any preparation, purchasing, or planning.  The focus of these sessions is to catch the faces and expressions on your growing baby.  We love to include themes or sets from your newborn session and enjoy seeing the littles journey through their first year.  These sessions are recommended at sitting, standing and 1 year.  

aurora colorado newborn photographer babys 1st birthday cake smash
Aurora colorado Newborn photography pholio box product

Sessions are limited

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