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Denver Colorado Newborn Photographer Tiny Details Photography | When to book your session

Tiny Details Photography | When to book your session

So you are considering a newborn photo session? That's great news.

I imagine you are currently expecting, have recently delivered, or know someone who is, let me start off by offering a congratulations! Capturing this once in a lifetime moment is so very special. You may be wondering, when is the best time to book your newborn photo session? What if your delivery date is unexpected and how when after baby arrives should the session occur?

In this guide I'll explain why it is encouraged to book in advance and the best time to schedule your session.

When to book your Newborn Photo Session?

Newborn sessions with Tiny Details Photography are limited to a number of bookings each month and often fill up months in advance. Due to demand it is not uncommon for our clients to book once they have found out they are with child. To ensure your session it is recommend to book a minimum 2 months in advance.

When is the best time for the Newborn Photo Session?

Scheduling with Tiny Details Photography is easy. Your session date is set based on your due date with considerations to uncertainties. By only having a certain number of sessions available each month I can ensure your session will be reserved, whether baby decides to come early or make an entrance.

What if baby is already here?

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Your baby is here, and you don't want to miss out on this chance to capture all the tiny details. I'm glad you're here. My sessions do tend to book months out, but due to the nature of uncertainty, babies do like to come on their on time, I can on occasion fit in additional sessions.

Baby over 11 days? No problem. Although babies are at their squishest during the first several days of newness and not all poses may be achieved, the tiny details newborn studio is filled with props sized to fit all babies.

Ready to book? Here's How

Head here to fill out your contact information.


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