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Aurora, Colorado Newborn Photographer | What to expect: A Guide to your Newborn Session

What to expect: A guide to your newborn session: The ins and outs of what to expect and how you should prepare for your newborn photography session with Tiny Details Photography

Newborn photography in Aurora Colorado.

As a mom with two rambunctious kids of my own, I sure know how challenging it can be to get out of the door on any given day, let alone preparing and packing for family photos. If you're anything like my family, It ends up being a cluster of 'have you seen the other shoe' 'did you get the snacks' and so forth. As a photographer I would love to help so your session goes as smoothly as possible with no last minute clusters.

Every newborn session with Tiny Details Photography is catered for you and your family, tailored to your family's needs and visions. Here is a list of what to expect and how you can be best prepared so your photos from this session can proudly hang on your home's walls for everyone to cherish.

Consultation #1: Your Vision

After you have booked your session with Tiny Details Photography, a consultation appointment is scheduled for you and your photographer. This session is most commonly conducted over the phone, however, an in studio consultation is a great way to see the studio before the session. Whether you plan to have it over the phone or in person, the consultation appointment is the beginning of your vision. To be prepared check out images online that you love. Follow Tiny Details Photography on Pinterest at and definitely check out the Tiny Details website to see previous customer and pick out props and/or other items

Personal Prep #2: Looking good

Being ready to photograph will help you feel your best and give your best. Come ready with hair and make up on. Play music while you get ready. Give your self some affirmations, hot mama. The one thing that I would highly suggest is to go professional stylist.

The biggest suggestion and the most forgotten is nail care. I highly encourage you consider your polish color and condition for the session. Heck I suggest getting pampered and having them done professionally as well.

What to bring #3: The Goods

Most newborn sessions can last anywhere from 2 to 4 hours. Because of that I always suggest bringing along snacks and water. I typically offer snacks water and coffee in studio as well.

I always suggest to bring entertainment. Feel free to read, write, play, or even sleep during your newborn session. You will have access to the studio's WIFI and can share you phone screen on the big TV monitor as well.

For the younger family members: Bring toys, entertainment devices, emotional support items.

What to wear #4: The family photos

In my experience as a photographer I tend to favor family photos without distraction. For that reason it is in my opinion that the family should were natural matching colors. This will help to focus on the family connection.

A simple blouse or dress with a flattering neckline is all you need. Wear what makes you feel comfortable and shows off your best features. Don't have something like this? No biggy, I have a full client closet filled with beautiful dresses and fabric that I have been known to tie like a shirt. I will always make you look your best!

Have your clothes ironed and/or pressed, wrinkles suck to edit out.

For more ideas checkout my Pinterest page for inspiration

Hopefully you find this tips useful.

We can't wait to see you and your family for your newborn photography session with Tiny Details Photography

Is there something I missed here? Help others and leave a comment, and share your experience.

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