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Aurora, Colorado Newborn Photographer | Welcome to the Tiny Details studio

Welcome to the Tiny Details Studio

The Tiny Details studio is located in South East Aurora. The convenient location makes it easy to access from all around Colorado. Once you arrive to the studio you will be escorted to the basement studio area where you are greeted with snacks and water. Feel free to get comfortable and rest on the couches. The TV is accessible using the studio's free WIFI access. The accommodations are meant to help you feel comfortably at home. I have even had past clients nap during their session, and that makes me very happy.

All the props

I am a self proclaimed propoholic. I love to make specialized props for each session. I also love to purchase high end hand made products from companies like luneberry or private sellers on Etsy. I have them all displayed so you can easily see all the details and pick out any items that appeal to you to use in your session.

All the wraps

Fabric hording is a long time hobby of mine. I love the touch and feel of fabric and I started collecting a very long time ago. To make the wraps used in sessions I find my favorite fabric and have it cut to size or I have also had wraps specially made to meet a vision.

With all the wraps and all the props tiny details studio has got everything you need to preserve your memories forever. Reserve your session today and Contact us Here


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