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Aurora Colorado Newborn Photographer | Tiny Session Details | Spooky talk-Halloween costumes

Tiny Details Photography | Newborn Photography Session | Tiny Session Details | spooky talk-Halloween costumes

Its that time of year, when everyone is so excited to know........ what are you going to dress baby up as for Halloween???

Maybe you've seen them all. Maybe you're too cool for the normal costumes and its most likely your babe is too. So get creative do something fun and original. Learn to sew and make a pact to sew all littles costumes for as long as they'll let you. Do something that helps you remember the moment, like if babe hasn't let go of the ning/paci then incorporate it in the costume, or maybe you call them your slobber monster because of all the baby bafoougle that's always coming from the squish, lean into, make them a slobber monster this year. Save your creations for keepsakes. I, myself, love to sew and create. Every year I try and make my kids costumes, however I have learned as they get older, they change their minds constantly so now I ask them daily what they want to be and on Halloween I sew them whatever they agreed to or the one of the options I liked best throughout the month. Then I slave all day shopping and sewing and inevitably I forget to take the pictures... head in hand. Peek below of the terrible job I have done in the past documenting.... dont be like me.

My biggest advice is to snap that photo. I even suggest doing it in the same place and time of day so that you can put them side by side and see how they've grown,

Or maybe your like 'ok yeah totally, but with what time' and boy to I get that, its not like your busy with a new baby or anything. ha. Or maybe even you're like me and super love celebrating the season, in which case its likely they'll need more then one custom for all your spooky engagements.

Any which way here are some fast shipping costumes that are sure to make the first Halloween memorable

Whatever you do, enjoy the day and I wish you and your family a fun Halloween


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